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October 26, 2018by Ello0

The platform bed has been a favorite as the modern bedroom design for several reasons. The most common one is for its utility since it could bear more functions. For people who live in small space like a flat or a small studio apartment, the platform bed concept could be really practical and useful rather than the common bed frame type. If you are in urgent for this kind of utility for your bedroom, here are some inspiring ideas to create or modify your own platform bed.

Multi Functioning Platform Bed Design Part 1
Multi Functioning Platform Bed Design

Platform Bed Ideas in Modern and Classic Bedroom Concept

The other reason for using the platform bed is applicable in any bedroom design. If you are in vintage interior cult, many concepts with exposed wood frame that showcase strength and reliability. This old concept is somehow never dying. Although classic view is prominently exposed, the minimalist accent unexpectedly appears. You shouldn’t underestimate this concept in drawing a very beautiful concept together flawlessly.

The modern platform beds also come with many variations of designs. Floating concept is one of them which seems to be very popular today. The modern concepts of platform bed are likely to expose the minimalism in the sleek and seamless products. Intricate and complex joint are significantly reduced to make more functions rather than excessive ornaments.

In the DIY world, creating a new version of useful platform bed is like a competition among the practitioners. There are many ideas that are unthinkable before in maximizing the function of just a bed. Sometimes age, platform bed with under storage became so popular as it could improve the room organization and also the space. Until now, the multi-function design is still popular as it is very practical for small bedroom space. The trend has created creative and affordable type of platform beds that shows off minimalist concept with efficient budget.

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