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September 13, 2020by Ello0

In every modern home, entertainment space becomes an obligatory element that is very important to increase the homeyness level of a house. Even without specific designation, this kind of space has merged in every area of the house which is usually in the living room, kitchen, and even bedroom.

The importance of living space with an entertaining feature seems to underline the brief of the Bank Street Apartment done by MKCA. Some prominent locations are clearly designed to accommodate more socializing activity as they are also set to help the owner get relaxed.

Inline Interior Vibes

The client said that they want a ‘pristine laboratory’ that expresses a modern feeling through all of the house’s areas. Thus bright tones are applied on almost all the home surfaces to make sure it grants a cool and relaxed feeling.

Successful apartment modernization on Bank Street showing off a balanced interior concept with a lively home ambiance (4)

These bright vibes are created by using all white wall and ceiling surfaces. The jointless visual attraction on the wall and ceiling corner has made no distraction that improves a spaciousness character as what is intended for every modern home.

While neutral colors are in the background, friendly and cozy pastel colors are on the other sides to enliven the house vibe. These tones are very clear and clean on the kitchen side while the cabinetry is applying soft cream wood colors. This is very nice while a greyish accent is also found to give a friendly transition between them.

Interior Balance

The color combination in most of the house surfaces is indeed in bright and pristine flourishment so that the modern vibe is without disturbance. However, this will violate the neutrality to be sassier more than it is expected. To solve this condition, an anchor element of marble block is sitting as a kitchen separator and countertop.

Successful apartment modernization on Bank Street showing off a balanced interior concept with a lively home ambiance (5)

For it as a socializing room, the kitchen is customized to have a small bar space on the side of cooking space so that they can still have warm conversation in every situation. The bar space is very functional as it is also located next to the working space of the house. Since the home was designed for a professional couple, the setting is surely with many advantages on which they can still make a collaboration while the other is doing another work.

Casual apartment transformation enhancing a West Village dwelling with soft palette coloring and flawless interior detailing (2)

The decoration in the alley that is connecting the living room and working space is showing off casual patterns with modern and contemporary art display.

The color combination is very nice as it can enliven the neutral background colors on the wall and ceiling. The adjustment with those primary colors hues is still nice working with the ash-tanned oak creating casual yet informal combination characters in this home.

Successful apartment modernization on Bank Street showing off a balanced interior concept with a lively home ambiance (1)

With those coldness decoration style and modern finish, the living room is the main actor to lower down the conciet with more earthy and homey elements. Wool rug, greenery, leather-covered seatings, and others furniture elements are together to give a cozy pause while the clients are in this room.

The open layout character will let the clients to have a back and forth movement and more dynamic working rhyme as it will be good for reducing pressure and load.

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