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September 21, 2020by Ello0

With the advancement of the era, advertisement has reached multiple platforms that will appear everywhere and every time. This makes the advertising business grow much bigger than it was in the past few years by the emerging of many business giants who compete to win the market.

Roman Klis Design is one instance of a creative agency that has won many times and planning to win more global customers. For this desire, it decided to change the look of its headquarter in Herrenberg. The Ippolito Fleitz Group was in charge to fulfill the wish and the result is impressive.

Creative Agency with Creative Face

Creativity is the key factor for those who struggle in this industry. The awareness of dynamic trends and high adaptive skill are the other factors that inspire the design of this office.

Creative office concept created for dynamic and effective working space (4)

The identity of the company is clearly expressed in every part of this new office, Roman Klis wanted to show its brand identity as an expert advertising agency thus the prospective clients will give their trust even before they talk.

As what a creative mind is described, this new office’s display expresses open-mindedness and organization. Every part of this office is also a symbol of communicative connection which its main purpose is to find balance and cohesive relationships in one another.

Dynamic office decoration set to push out creativity in increasing workforce environment (2)

Refreshing Office Delight

The Roman Klis Design’s new office design has multiple areas that look different from each other but still in one vibe to show off creativity and natural ambiance.

Color is the factor used a lot in those all of the office parts. Not only colorful paint enhancements and furniture, but houseplants also exist in every corner of the space. The combination is to find a balance between nature and modern life habits which seeks efficiency and effectiveness in everything.

Creative office concept created for dynamic and effective working space (3)

The collaboration between the client and designers seems to work very well during the creation of this impressive office. The creative behavior of the client’s company has made it clear and understandable for the designer to create such a distinctive office design that is worth everyone’s attention.


Client : Roman Klis Design GmbH
Location : Herrenberg
Status : Completed (2019)
Photography : Philip Kottlorz

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