Interior Ideas50+ Small Living Room Designs with Cozy Layout

August 21, 2018by Ello0

Living in a small space with limited area for living room should not give you a limit to expand your creativity and imagination to decorate them beautifully. There are unlimited ideas about cozy small living rooms that you can explore. If you need some immediately, then you are in the right place to see our collections of amazing living room ideas for small spaces.

Small Living Room Designs Part 42
Small Living Room Designs

If you wanted a cozy living room layout in your small space, the really first thing you should consider is about the number of the house hold. For a house with four members, considering single sofa layout could be very relevant. A long sofa or couch will probably accommodate all the members as it also improves the togetherness among the family members. For the addition, the open shelve with minimalist shape behind the sofa will really enliven the room charm for even more. On there you can put some family photo gallery and others. With the mingling tone, it looks really awesome as background for the colorful cushion sheets.

The other ideas you can try is adding a built-in window seat. Expanding from wall to wall, it is really versatile element since you can make some storage under the seating. This concept will work really well in a farmhouse, scandi, and boho-chic living room décor.  However, with sleeker and seamless design, this concept will be also relevant in modern home concept. With the window seat in your small living rooms, you can still have plenty room for the vintage coffee table and two extra armchairs.

If you are a fan for simple design, you can try softer tone like grey and greenlet tone. Standing on darker shade of grey wall to wall carpet, the airy and spacious vibes are really strong even though in limited space. Minimalist or no window treatment is really improving the vibrance since the lighting can breach the room entirely. For more ideas, you can check the gallery of ideas below.


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