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October 26, 2018by Ello0

Artsy Bohemian Home with Colorful Decorating Concept Part 1

The boho chic style could be unconventional for modern design approach but its quality of freedom in home design makes this concept equally popular and have many fanatic fans. In recent trend, the bohemian design often comes partially as its elements are separately adopted by the contemporary house. The esthetic value of the boho chic is certainly amazing when combined in modern house which tries to declutter its space.

However, we are not talking about the combination of boho-chic element in the modern home style. The classic 60’s concept which also adopted the fantastic tribal elements from around the world is still very interesting to be discussed. The design is never boring as it is rich of patterns and colors. The concept of freedom is really maximized as it is also blended with natural element which makes the bohemian design become exceptional.

The bohemian home design is symbolizing the free soul which is creative and cultured. The early boho-chic is using Moroccan accent but now the accent is from all around the world. It is a very convincing proof that the bohemian style is picturing the life of travelers and hippies. The style of every bohemian home is very unique, just like an artistic piece which each is designed with special meaning.

For you who are also interested in bohemian design, here are some characters that you should remember. The first character is the richness of color and pattern. The bohemian always needs so many color (the natural and earthy colors) since the people which develop this design really naturalistic. There should also more plants and flowers compared with the other home concepts. Moreover, it is artful and eclectic with many unconventional and hand-crafted items which symbolize the free expression and artistic lifestyle.

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