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July 3, 2018by Ello0

When people are asked about the most personal room in the house, bathroom can be the most popular answer. There is where talent is discovered and creative ideas are usually born so it can be said that bathroom is the place where the life begins. Designing the bathroom can be tricky and also challenging. According to this year trend, bathroom is designed not only for its function but it is also created for adding the house strong character. No matter the size, bathroom still becomes the most favorite places so it needs necessary details and arrangement to make it more functional and also lovable.

Trending Ideas of Bathroom Design For 2018 (45)
Trending Ideas of Bathroom Design For 2018

Browsing about the bathroom style for 2018, you will find out some wonderful ideas that combines the artful details and modern function. Today, people are considering high tech gadget in their bathroom so they can stay longer there to discover some fresh ideas. The hi-tech gadget can be installed on the lighting which you can adjust by only using voice activator. Smart mirror is also considerable so you can manage everything while brushing your teeth or washing your hands.

To erase boring look on modern concept, some artsy look from old home design is set so you can see the combination of classic and modern concept. The traditional look is usually created by adding woods or brass accessories. It can also be done by adding retro pendant or wall lighting with yellowish light color. If you want some luxurious vibrance, considering granite counter top will surely do its job.

The glassy look still becomes the main focus of 2018 bathroom trend. Separating the shower area with clear glass will create some airy sensation as it will also beautify the bathroom character. In overall aspects, this year bathroom trend begins with the addition of technology and it is enriched by the smart combination of old and new designs.

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