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September 18, 2020by Ello0

A contemporary house now becomes a symbol of modernity, prestige and lifestyle that it is also associated with one’s preferences and status. Many people are now looking this contemporary house type in both city and urban area for a primary residence or vacation villa.

Located on Gregers Grams Vei of Oslo, R21 had completed an outstanding residential complex of five single-family houses with remarkable contemporary designs.

Contemporary Structure of Polygon Layout

Sited on the sloping land, the buildings are prominently five separated irregular pentagon floor plan facing each others on one centerpiece. Each building is designated as a single family house that offers more privacy and also direct outdoor access.

The distinctive design of irregular polygon floor plan has made each home these five single-family houses owning different identity. Each shape of those five houses were designed to follow the land contour, sunlight direction and cohesiveness of one another.

Another character that makes this housing complex special is the facing design that sparks historical value. The dark grey stone facing has created a royal classic style that resembles the medieval donjon complex.

While the ground-level building is visually separated, the basement which is used as garage is all connected. It forms a single basement parking that is shared together right under those five houses.



Project Name : Gregers Grams Vei
Location : Oslo
Area : 1700 m²
Status : Finished in 2013
Photograph : Henrik Beck Kæmpe

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