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September 27, 2018by Ello0

Halloween has been a popular festival celebrated in some countries for centuries. In the old time, the decoration of Halloween represented something that related to Celtic harvest celebration. Now, the celebration is merely a holiday festival that gathers a lot of people together.

Vintage Halloween Decoration Idea and scary retro hallowen idea Part 2
Vintage Halloween Decoration Idea 

The home Halloween party is evenly popular from time to time as well as its festive the costume and decoration. We can easily recognize many types of costume and decor which have been transformed following the pop culture trend. However, if you are still interested in the old days Halloween, these inspiring vintage Halloween decorations ideas should give you some insight.

A little about Halloween

Halloween or Allhalloween was adapted from Celtic celebration called Samhain. It was a celebration for the harvest season on which people believed that all druids including witch, ghoul and ghost were freely roaming to trick human. Thus, humans were dressing like them to disguise and trick them back. There were several adaptations to the holiday celebration that we know today. But the main point is that the celebration was born to gather people together with some iconic dress codes and decorations.

Date back to about a hundred years ago, pumpkin was the most needed vegetables for the festival in the US. It was largely used as decoration called Jack’o lantern. The classic jack’o lantern were made from a fully scooped out pumpkin which is carved with eyes and mouth. A candle was usually put inside the pumpkin and it was displayed outside the front porch.

The other iconic element of decoration is usually to mimic the witch. The witch costumes were largely made and sold during the festival back in the day. Men or women with a pointy hat roaming in the party were very common.

In sometimes after, the celebration was fully in a big business. There were many companies producing the necessities of Halloween including foods, costumes and decoration. The styles of Halloween were reforming from era to era. And here are some inspiring vintage Halloween decoration ideas that we gathered just for you.

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