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January 4, 2019by Ello0
Creative Wall Auarium designs For Home Decoration and Amazing Room Separator Part 1
Beautiful Wall Aquarium for Room Separator

We have seen many ideas for decorating our wall in several exotic ways. We can manage the wall with paintings and picture for being artsy or with greenery pot to look natural. Do you know that there is another way to make the room look artsy and natural? Some people think that art and natural are different element that cannot come together. But, we can consider a wall mounted fish tank to change the game.

Having a fish tank or aquarium in your home is another way to enjoy beautiful natural sight without leaving your house. Most people love fish tank, especially one with low maintenance. Fish tank can be really beautiful as it is also good for relieving stress. We can make an easy and cheap one in the house with only a small round fish bowl for gold fish, or a 3-5 gallon aquarium with many guppies swimming around. They are cheap since you can have them with only about 10 or 20 dollars.

Creative Wall Auarium designs For Home Decoration and Amazing Room Separator Part 25
Creative Wall Aquarium designs with Half-Bowl Design

Today, we can also find a new concept of fish tank which can be hung on the wall. The half bowl design allows it to fetch nicely on the wall as it will seems that they are popping up from your wall. This new concept of wall fish tank usually available in 1-2 gallons size. They are quite affordable in Amazon or Ebay with only about 20 to 50 usd without fish and toys.

However, we will not only talking about small cheap tank right now as it will be about a wonderful wall mounted tanks. A big size wall aquarium is not a cheap investment and it may need extra effort for maintenance. Yet, they will be really worthy to make your room look more exotic and more inviting. It just feels like that there is nothing else that can provide equal sensation like a beautiful fish tank with lots of exotic fish swimming around.

We can also use the tank as a room separator. If you live in a house with an open concept interior, you can consider one to be a room separator. You can put the tank in a floor to ceiling frame as it will give an effect like wall mounted fish tank. It might cost you lesser cost than the one which is really built in the wall.

Creative Wall Auarium designs For Home Decoration and Amazing Room Separator Part 24
Amazing Fish Tank as Room Separator

Finally, we will not force you to consider this luxury item in your home. But, they are really inspiring for home decoration. We have got some for you below here.  If you are really exited on how they are make your room, then nothing will hinder you from them. Happy looking.


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