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July 4, 2020by Ello0

Designing a space for an office will require a different perspective as the function is for production, and not for pleasure, relaxation, or rest. However, those last homey characters could be elaborated when you are designing an artisan workshop and showroom.  The requirement for high quality for space that shows a creative environment is the highest priority.

The Lemoal Lemoal Architectes was leading a project to build such a space in 2019 for renowned Paris fashion house Marine Serre. The project was to develop an atelier that serves as an integrated workshop and also as a showroom for their “Fabriqué à Paris” label.

Amazing Workshop’s Interior Design

Curving office glass pane to give more style that update the look of Marine Serre workshops Paris

Designed for a dedicated client, the workspace and showroom design can tell us that this is a space for artisans and specialized workers to collaborate together. The floor plan is showing a two-level structure that will host a very complex activity in the future. So that it should consider a wide space for many people will work and more space for relaxation and elaboration.

Perfect example of modern office style giving functional youthful look for Marine Serre workshop

Having a total area of 800 sqm, the atelier and showroom space is not fully open without partition inside the building walls. The office is indeed giving smart and practical sizes for each area and office. This is to give each worker to focus on their skills and expertise.

However, the space for the designers and production workers are prioritized as there is a wide workshop with professional pantry that also supports their activity in elaborating fashion art pieces.

Spacious office concept with less interior partition to abandon traditional and boring office style

The interior concept approached the modern-contemporary interior style considering the layers, materials, shapes, and finishes used in this outstanding futuristic workspace. The bright color scheme is almost in every room and space, multiplied by the smart installation of white light settings all around the space.

Inspiring office meeting room with passionate interior style giving them multiple benefits for productive

The plain background was not designed without purpose. It is considered the best color to give background for their rich and colorful fashion products. However, this workspace is not a plain canvas for an extravagant and marvelous art piece. It is a creative space with high craftsmanship value designed a space for other creative people with a high taste of artwork.


Development Team : lemoal lemoal architects, Loizillon Engineering • BET economy, France Structures • BET structure

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