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December 23, 2018by Ello0

Modern Bar Stool Ideas for Minimalist Kitchen Bar Part 25

Having a kitchen with a small bar is really tempting. Considering one in your next kitchen remodeling will be really brilliant ideas as it is very versatile for any occasion. We have already talked about this in the previous kitchen bar post, and in this moment, we are going to consider the best stool design for your bars and counters.

There are many designs of stools you can easily find on online market and offline retails. But, the real deal is how to select the best for yours? Actually, you can use your creative imagination by considering the already built counter or bar. The color and design of them will tell you the best stool that could fit their style.

Anyhow, there is another thing when you are planning to put some stools in your kitchen counter which is the kitchen space itself. Many kitchen are designed to be adaptable for using bar stools, but there is also another that make it impossible for these wonderful furniture. A galley kitchen for instance, is not very welcome for using the bar design. The limited space in an enclosed area will not be really nice with extra bar stool addition.

The most common design of kitchen which is good in adapting bar concept is the open kitchen concept. The counter cabinet which is also purposed as separators can be modified easily so you can fit the stools with them. The other kitchen concept is the U and L kitchen shape. While one of the counter is on the outer side of the kitchen area, they are really good while improved with bar concept.

Affordable Bar Stools with Minimalist Design for Kitchen Decoration Part 3
Stylish Kitchen Counter with Minimalist Bar Stools design 

However, there is also an element in your kitchen which is very versatile to be used as bar counter. It is the kitchen island. Its versatility is really wonderful since some of creative designer can make them as the perfect joint for the kitchen stools. The minimalist style of stools are very eye catching as it will also make a nice focal point in your kitchen. You can imagine an anchor element of kitchen island with a nice focal from the stools to enliven the entire kitchen look.

When you need more than imagination to make them, thus, these ideas below will hopefully help you in considering the right bar stool to be put in your new kitchen.


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