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December 22, 2018by Ello0

Pantry Kitchen Organization Ideas for Small Kitchen

A small pantry might be unable to cope all of your stock pile and stuffs. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have large space to expand their pantry space. For some who are not, there are some ways that we can try to make more space in the pantry, which is to make a proper organization. Making some storage wight need a little effort but they all are worth all the sweat.

A pantry is normally a small space of a home spared for storing food stock and kitchen stuffs. But, many practice put them in the kitchen since there is no more space for such a place. In some kitchen, they tend to use pantry cabinet put on the kitchen. It is like a tall buffet put at the corner of the kitchen. The pantry cabinet is likely evolving as the need for space is growing big. So, now we can see more space in the kitchen is being used as pantry area.

Back to business about small pantry storage, the majority of way is much alike the kitchen organization ideas. We can apply open and closed storage style as we like for them. If we have a specific enclosed pantry space, the open shelving might be the best. They reduce the cost for cabinets and doors. Moreover, open shelving for pantry storage is also more effective as you don’t need to open all your doors and drawers just to find a small bag of salt.

Pantry Kitchen Organization Ideas for Small Kitchens Part 8

However, open shelving will need some proper boxes, jars, and containers. It can be a plus or a disadvantages anyway. The plus point is that it will enhance the ordered look so your pantry will look very neat and organized. While the minus is you need to provide more budget to purchase them. However, the pantry cabinet is still similar for extra container and boxes for foods and spices. But, you don’t need extra box for kitchen tools like knives or pan as you can safe them on enclosed spaces.

There are some strategies for storing and organizing the pantry. The really core is to put the similar type of goods in the same area, such as foods with other foods and tools with tools. You can make sub division for foods like herbs with herbs and fruits together with the fruits. This trick will ease you when you look for them. Some people are good at remembering but for some, it is very hard to recall trivial thing. SO, here are some ideas you can copy to make your pantry organization ready.

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