KitchenInterior Ideas50+ Best Finishing Tricks in Gray Kitchen Designs

August 27, 2018by Ello0

The gray kitchen seems to be an everlasting design that has so many fans and followers. Its dynamic style which is really inviting for modern and vintage home decoration making this become a powerful finish for new kitchen or remodeling project. This tone is also very flexible to be mixed with any color or to stand alone with its multi-shades. If you are interested in using gray color in your kitchen, so here we are with many wonderful ideas we collect on the gallery.

Home Inspiration Gray Kitchen Designs Part 5
Home Inspiration Gray Kitchen Designs

Gray kitchen: Playing with shades

People are using many shades of gray to avoid monotonous design in gray kitchen model. For calm and minimalist concept, using multiple ranges of gray is a powerful strategy that grant successful decorating project. There is usually the use of white color as the background on kitchen wall and ceiling. The shades of gray will be on the cabinet and the kitchen island so the soft transition will look so classy and harmonious. For a brave concept, you can try the wider range of shade which includes darker shade of gray. Giving this statement to the light toned base will make the kitchen look bolder and be surely eye-catching.

Gray concept in farmhouse style

Farmhouse kitchen is usually colored in natural finish so it can emphasize on the minimalistic and traditional barn style. However, it will be always correct to make some gray accent on the kitchen since this color also belongs to the natural group. The combination between white, gray and yellowish-brown wood color can create timeless kitchen model. This inviting concept is even livelier with the blast of greenery from indoor decorative plants.

The other strength of gray kitchen design is the flexibility for every kitchen size. Either wide or small kitchens will look so good with correct composition and multi-shade finish. In modern kitchen décor, the gray seems perfect to match glossy surface or stainless kitchen appliances. So, there is no more excuse to not use gray palette in yours. Follow our gallery for more ideas.


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