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August 21, 2018by Ello1

Having small kitchen sometimes feel so depressing as it can’t cover up all your desire of kitchen utilities. You have seen many tips to make best organization on your kitchen, but you still need more spaces for your stuffs. Then, here we go with some useful tips and gallery of inspiration about effective kitchen designs and organization.

Small Kitchen Organization Part 38
Small Kitchen Organization

Unifying Color –Visual clutter is probably the main problem that you have so your kitchen feels so messy and depressing. The trick for this is by trying single tone and reducing color clash in the kitchen. Some best colors for the kitchen are monochrome colors, natural tones, and pastel color schemes. They will provide relieving look as it will also improve the room visual space.

Open Shelving – Cabinetry can be considered too bulky as it can easily take over more spaces in your small kitchen. Considering open shelving system will be a really good trick that can help you to create uncluttered space. If you have lots of jars of spices, displaying them on open shelving storage will improve the kitchen interior concept.

Extending the Storage to the Ceiling – The vertical concept could be the other ideas that will make best effect for your organization. Maximizing the space with vertical shelving that extends to the ceiling is a really good trick to cover up all your kitchen needing. You might need some ladder or something else that can help you to take the stuff on higher shelf.

Maximize the Cabinets – If you desired to use cabinet, the really important thing is trying to maximize every space in it. You can try to use proper divider or organizer to help things to fit in. To make some more effective trick, we can try pull out rack on which we can store many.

Hanging rack – The hanging rack could be the easiest trick you can try. Use the ceiling to suspend the rack and make sure it is strong enough to support all your pans and pots.



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  • Ann

    August 22, 2019 at 1:19 pm

    I found a a moving door cabinet ,on Pinterest I wish to purchase. I can not find it. It covers the coffee bar area on the kitchen counter. I need white can you help me


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