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September 8, 2018by Ello0

Many people agree that kitchen is the heart of every home. This important part of the house is the one which often need remodeling to synchronize the trend and mood of the owner. Yet, there is a legendary style that will be timeless even the trend has changed up rapidly. It is the iconic farmhouse kitchen design. Many have agreed that the title for timeless décor is suitable for farmhouse design. Yet, this style has many adaptations to satisfy modern freestyle design. On this page, there will be some inspiring modern farmhouse kitchens that will inspire you to make one.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchens Inspirations Part 4
Modern Farmhouse Kitchens Inspirations

The vintage farmhouse design is adorned with many vintage and rustic accessories. The sense of simplicity underlines the design which is originated from rural farm area. The concept for vintage farmhouse kitchen is now adapted for modern farmhouse kitchen in many aspects. Still, there is some improvement which create adorable combination between the old and new design. Some of the improvement are summarized as below.

New era color scheme – The classic farmhouse design is filled with natural elements and exposed wooden accents. The big wood beam is usually dominated the ceiling as on it hung some vintage pendants and chandeliers. The rustic sense is very strong in the old design, but the modern farmhouse style changed up into family friendly space. There is fewer rustic touches and exposed wood elements. The rooms color scheme is toned in natural white concept with little black accent found on the cabinet or the kitchen island. The ceiling is also improved with white conventional style to maintain the minimalist look.

Farmhouse Antique Elements – The rustic furniture is commonly used to emphasize the minimalism and classic concept. In modern farmhouse kitchen, the rustic is being replaced with antique elements. Although there are still some rustic touches, their number is really limited and can only be found on some upper and window beams. The cabinet, kitchen island and bar stool of the modern farmhouse are sleek and well finished.

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