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The wooden house has been popular as a house design that offers warm and peaceful look hardly found in other types of home. This advantage makes the wooden house withstand the temptation of modern charges which introduces simplified seamless house style.

Built among Chilean apple plots, Casa Lo Cañas is an instance of a log house designed by Abarca y Palma Arquitectos for residential purpose that uses a wooden facade style showing an adaptable style in the middle of apple plantations.

Edging Wooden Exterior and Facade

For some people, building a wooden house in the middle of a plantation will provide multiple benefits aside from its aesthetic value. This consideration could be a reason underlying the master concept of Casa Lo Canas.

Single family house built in the middle of an orchard adopting cabin style with exposed wooden wall Casa Lo Cañas (1)

The warm and tempting design is a perfect instance of house that will provide a vacation feeling everyday due to its design that resembles a villa or cabin. The design on the exterior is employing full wood cladding combined with streamlined cuts that enhances modern visual. The aligned architecture has also made an exceptional contemporary look confronting an obsolete cabin image.

Unlike other cabin models, this house employs a lot of glass windows and panes to give natural light benefit to the interior. The elements also give a fine visual look that can please everyone’s eyes from both inside and outside of the house. This distinctive style also adds a contemporary character which marries the natural and modern structure.

Moreover, the exterior design is completed with terrace and corridor alignments. These spaces are where the owner can enjoy close the connection between the indoor and outdoor space as those will be the perfect location to spend time with the other family members.

The  inline characters with its surrounding seems to be the concept embodied into the design. The extensive use of wood materiality has also recreated a visual identity that will survive through the times.


Architect: Francisco Abarca, Camilo Palma.
Collaborators: María Ignacia Abarca Bustos
Location: Lo Cañas, La Florida, Santiago
Project year: 2009
Land area: 2500m²
Constructed Area: 120m² interior and 80m² terrace and corridor
Materiality: Oak, Raulí, Lingue, Hazel, Laurel, Pine woods
Construction team: Roberto Torres, Omar Rivera, Carlos Lepe

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