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September 20, 2020by Elsora0

What do you think about a cabin-like rural house located on a sloop hillside of a mountain? On the elevation of 123 meters (404 ft) of Alto Grande de Pupuya, Albarca Palma worked amazingly resulted in a single family home that has everything for a house in 2016.

The design tries to balance both functionality and aesthetic look. In regard of the mountainous land, the designer stretched the house base from the high elevation of a hillside with some wood bars supported from the bellow depression land. Its construction forms a table-like structure.

Casa en Alto Grande built in efficient structures stands on a high ground looking at beautiful rural landscape (4)

Efficient Structure

This table-like structure allows the house to have three different levels resulting in three different volumes. The base stretched from the common ground was mentioned as 0 level. It consists of a kitchen, living room, dining room, and bathroom.

Casa en Alto Grande built in efficient structures stands on a high ground looking at beautiful rural landscape (3)

The +1 level of the house is the bedroom while the space under (-1 level) comes to be a terrace. Both level-0 and +1 were surrounded by continuous zinc bars with two openings at both ends. The one touching the groundworks as an entrance while the other end becomes a balcony where people can enjoy a beautiful mountainous landscape.

Visual and physical features

Although the house sits on a very steep slope surrounded by a mountainous area, the designer successfully wedded both strong visual and physical connections.

With the same materials commonly used in this area to cover all sides of the house, the designer was able to bring a different atmosphere to the house. A minimalist look outside was a deception to the house’s cozy atmosphere inside.

The use of wood carpentry and SIP panel in modular coordination has made a complete functionality that can sustain the family to live normally in this house.

Single family cabin with functional interior design (2)

This way, the designer emphasizes its functionality as the house through an efficient structure without leaving behind its meaning as a home.

The house always allows its residences to enjoy wide and open landscapes any time on the cozy terrace without any disturbance or they may have an endless mountain breeze through the balcony.


Architects : Francisco Abarca, Camilo Palma, Sebastian Ochoa, Nicolas Acosta.
Location : Pupuya, Navidad, VI Región
Building area: 60 m²
Land area: 5000 m²
Construction: 2017
Photographer: Andres Maturana

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