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July 6, 2020by Ello0

Built for a family, a waterfront cottage on the shore of Lac des Deux-Montagnes has been very special presenting the combination of practical design and humble display which purpose is to support two siblings’ families to escape from their routine.

The Chalet Saint-Placide is a project that was brought by La Firme back in 2016 fully dedicated as a second home for a family instead of public use. The outer structure resembles a modern residence that is a two stories building style yet it has a wood-clad outdoor wall which is really humble and clearly has character.

Modern Mix Architecture

The main aspect that is showcased by Saint-Placide Chalet is its unique and special building trait that is distinctive from other common old cottage styles. It combines a box house style and double-gable roof giving an extension that indicates more accommodation inside.

The outer display is also enriched with lots of window settings that are set even with the door giving a recreative effect inside. The door and windows are framed by metal materials, possibly aluminum, instead of common wood frames to give a nice accent that increases the authenticity of the design and character.

Modern and classic style applied to the lake side house of Saint Placide Chalet showing extensive concept that show off top class home style

The combination of woods, metals, and glasses in the outer display is even more stylish as the building foundation is elevated higher than the ground. It really shows a sturdy design that will stand everything including the overflowing water which occasionally happens in the area.

Impressive wood clad exterior to show Saint Placide Chalet with extensive concept that grabs more warmth welcome for the family (2)

Cozy Interior Concept

The interior area is equally well-designed as its exterior part. The characterized wood style in the outdoor will be fully transformed into a more familiar country style of the interior part. The combination of light wood tone and white color scheme will really make us refuse to get over it.

Classic vibe of Saint Placide Chalet by La Firme design that bring up a style for comfortable home

For a cottage that is designed for two families (a brother and sister), it really has efficient room arrangement with five bedrooms that can accommodate 8 to 10 people at the same time. It is a number that will make the time exiting and fully rousing.

Cozzy bedroom arrangement in Saint Placide Chalet that ensures the family get the best staying experience

A perfect location and also flawless architecture design have made the Chalet Saint-Placide special as it really connotates the family humble yet cheerful trait. The effective cottage design will really make everyone enjoy their time on the shore of  Lac des Deux-Montagnes and will make them miss it already even after they are driving home.

Project lead La Firme
Project Year 2016
Photographs Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard




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