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September 21, 2020by Ello0

Wood cladding exterior wall is a classic style that often brings back the nostalgic memory of some people. Located in Oslo, Norway, R21 arkitekter was involved in creating such a home to respect surrounding beautiful environments and still show traditional aspects.

Special family house designed for more natural vibes enhanced with attached greenhouse for garden and lounge (2)

The architecture of the building displays a straight forward gable roof style with all timber cladding of outdoor wall. Moreover, a contemporary style is clear as it also provides a special identity of the house. With this design, the house is very relevant to today’s popular home-styles while it still also possesses an old Norway style of wooden-house.

Substantial Shape for Environment Benefits

The house layout is very unique as its purpose is to adapt to the surrounding. The Y-shape layout is the vivid appearance that provides the home with more benefits of natural lighting and also with more outdoor spaces.

The more dimensions that this building has have allowed the home to gain sun benefits in all sun positions. The layout is also useful to make the building adapting to the sloop.

The Y-shape of the house divides the home into several volumes which are all connected as a single building. Every volume created by the Y-shape has different purposes like dining spaces, living rooms, guest rooms, and office space. The integration has made social activities easier in this home.

While the indoor space is very important for social and living space, an extension is designated as a greenhouse to support gardening activity in the winter. In the other seasons, the shape can provide the need for maximum natural illumination for gardening in the greenhouse.


Project type: Single Family House
Area: 300 m²
Completion Year: 2018
Photographs: Herman Dreyer

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