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January 26, 2019by Ello0

The bridal shower has been a popular tradition of gift-giving and games for a close friend or relative who is going to marry. This prewedding event is always exciting and fun. Sometimes it marks the end of a friendship bound among them before the bride is really taken by a married bound.

The bridal shower celebration can be held everywhere with any theme. But, if it is near the valentine’s day, we think that a classic loving valentine theme will work better. So, what kind of decoration that will work for a Valentine bridal shower?

Beautiful Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas during the Valentine Part 28
Beautiful Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas during the Valentine’s day

A Valentine bridal shower party is just like other usual parties. It needs thorough preparation for the menu, venue, and activities. For the first checklist, you can decide them by considering the theme first. Since it is a bridal shower celebration, stuffing foods are less necessary. You can make the priority to prepare the beverages and desserts. The Valentine’s theme will be alive with some sweets like cake and chocolates (try to select that has Valentine colors).

Secondly, it is about the venue which is about the place and decoration. A bridal shower can actually be held everywhere. If you plan this celebration in your home, you need to do the decoration by yourself. This event can be held either inside your house or outdoors.

For the indoors event, there is a list of decoration to make the party run well and memorable. The wall is the first area that needs some retouching. A new painting will not be necessary for this event, but some decorations will be. Flowers like roses, hydrangea, and tulips are common flower types picked for an event during Valentine’s day.

Beautiful Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas during the Valentine Part 19
Beautiful Bridal Shower Beverages Display with Valentine theme

Besides the dessert, the beverage display will need a beautiful touching. If you plan to serve a cocktail, make them more interesting with garnishings that represent the valentine theme. If not, you can make some accessories for the cocktail and arrange them on your cocktail table.

You may need some lettering decoration in this event to congratulate bride for the coming up wedding. Inflatable letter decorations will be okay this moment. You can arrange the name of the braid and the groom with them on your wall, or you can just make a classic chalkboard decoration with your best wish for them.

The last checklist is the activities. A bridal shower should be fun as its purpose is to celebrate. Arrange several game activities and don’t forget to make the game accessories inline with the theme. Maybe that’s all about valentine’s bridal shower that we need to inspire you here. If you need more ideas for the decoration, you just jump to the gallery below. Good luck.




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