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March 4, 2019by Ello0

A modern bathroom always includes minimalist features and keeps the technology and craftmanship advancements as the core of its special character. There are many prominent features which one of them is the floating vanity.

This concept of legless furniture in many new bathroom models seems to get its place. Many models have appeared with their special design and concept indicating the increasing popularity among homeowners who crave for a unique and futuristic idea in their house.

One design that catches our attention is the wooden floating model. Besides their futuristic look, the wooden floating vanity can still bring the harmonious display for the modern or even the contemporary bathroom style.

Modern bathroom designs with floating wood vanity and wallmounted bathroom cabinets Part 4
Modern bathroom designs with floating wood vanity and wall-mounted bathroom cabinets – Part 4

This wooden floating bathroom vanity design was first popular only in contemporary houses which were designed to create a mixed display in modern yet naturalistic concept. Today, this style is adopted widely not only for the private home but also for the commercial and public places.

There are several reasons that make the floating wooden vanity become so renowned for various bathroom designs. The first has been mentioned above which is of its futuristic design. There is no doubt that this bathroom vanity is very eye-catching. It is very effective to make a plain bathroom model become seriously alive and flourishing.

The modern home is typically adopting neutral and bright palettes as the main interior scheme. Without proper lighting and accents, the modern bathroom is often failed to display a friendly atmosphere that makes the people feel comfortable. The floating wooden vanity has been proved to be effective to improve the vibes anyway. Its special feature can easily improve the cozy look that will kill the mute and cold bathroom scheme.

Another advantage that makes this bathroom vanity design very popular is its functional and versatile features. Not only as decoration, but this wooden vanity has also got functional storage that will save a bathroom form clutters. Moreover, this type of wooden vanity will improve the cleanness of the bathroom as it will make the cleaning easier.

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