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February 23, 2019by Ello0

Many people think that summer is the best time for hitting the garden. They also think that it is the moment them to spend more times with their children and teach them a surviving skill for growing plants. Somehow, planting plants and veggies are best anytime. You can teach your children for gardening every day – if you have a greenhouse or indoor garden.

Among many styles of indoor gardening, we are very interested in the living wall concept and vertical garden for interior space. The green look of plants which are attached on the wall can create an untraceable freshness that hard to get from other decoration technics.

This home decorating style has got so many advantages that will make your home fresh and also beautiful. If you are curious about this style of indoor vertical garden and living wall, we have a small note that will help you to build them in your home. They are not very tricky, but they will need more attention to make your home get a fresh tropic vibe.

Building Vertical Garden and Living Wall in Your Home

The vertical garden is a trend for decorating the home interior with living plants, vegetables, and flowers which are hung or planted on a vertical arrangement. To build them, you will several items first such as dirt, plastic bags, boards, wire mesh and wood planks for making the planter base.

The wire mesh, woods, and planks will be used as support for the planting base. The size will depend on the size of the wall that you are going to put the plants. You might need to divide the area into many planting bases.

Best Indoor Plants for Tropical Home Decoration Part 28
Best Indoor Plants in Vertical Garden Style Showing Ideas of Tropical Home Decoration – Part 28

The plastic with dirt and wire mesh will be used next when you have done installing the support on the wall. The media usually have 3″ – 5″ thickness and this is will be adjusted by the support woods. The wire mesh will be used as the bag’s outer cover for preventing it from ripping due to the plants and dirt.

If the base is ready, the next step is to fill it with dirt and fertilizer. Make sure that the dirt filled the bag thoroughly before you make some holes on it for inserting the plants. There are several plants that are suitable for a living wall and vertical gardens such as the London pride, Japanese spurge, ivy, and many types of ferns.

 Basic Care and Maintenace

The basic care for an indoor living wall and vertical garden includes the fertilizing and watering schedule, some backup plants and irrigation system. Watering and fertilizing can be done together by a diluting the compost or organic fertilizer together.

It will save you more time when you set a dripping irrigation system. You can put the solution of water and fertilizer on a container and making a small hole for dripping. Then, you will be sometimes losing your plants. Preparing the extras planted on your outdoor garden or planters will give you some quick substitution.

If you need inspirations for such kind of indoor planting, you can check our gallery consisting of beautiful ideas of the living wall and vertical garden. You can check the arrangement and plant’s layouts. Hope you like them and good luck.

 Vertical Garden Gallery

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