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March 1, 2019by Ello0

If you are a type of person who loves the plants and outdoor, summer should be the most awaited season as it is also the most exciting moment for gardening. For those who live with an outdoor space for a garden, planting the veggies and other plants must become a fun activity.

That thing will be different for those who don’t have garden space or just very limited space for planting. As long as you have an open area, we recommend you to create an efficient place or container for gardening. There are so many used items and scraps that can be upcycled for a planting container.

This method for gardening in a container is actually best anywhere. Whether you have a large space for a garden or nor, using a container is still considered best especially for veggies since you can control the pests directly and set the soil condition to be ready for plating.

Making Easy Planter Boxes Using Pallets

The easiest and probably cheapest planting container is using pallet boxes or pallet planks. This wooden material should be eco-friendly as this thing will not poisoning the plants. It is even safer if you only used the heat-treated pallets planks. This type of planks normally does not contain any chemical that prevents it from rooting.

Homemade planter boxes from the pallet woods are actually the best plant containers that would fit your home area best. Although they have a relatively short life cycle, using it as your planter container is more practical as you can decide the design and also improve its function.

With the plank from pallets, you can actually make the planters even in the narrowest space between your home and your open area. You can make them have a double function such as for a space separator and seaters.

You can check below images to find the best design and arrangement of planks woods. You can also observe the type of plants and vegetables that will live in a box.

Pallets Planter Box Images Gallery

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