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January 21, 2019by Ello0

Planning your wedding on Valentine’s day could be the best decision as you will celebrate your special moment in the most romantic day of the year. There are other thousands like you who are going to marry in the day that symbolizes love and friendship, so it is better to catch an early bird for the venue and decorations.

Lovely Table Decoration for Valentine Wedding Theme Part 11
Lovely wedding table with Valentine’s theme decoration shown in the pink to peach color combos

Planning the decoration for Valentine’s wedding day is sometimes tricky and also confusing. Most grand wedding is usually picking the white color for the main dress code. The decoration of white flowers buckets and garlands are accentuating the whole venue to symbolize the purity of the sacred wedding celebration.

Valentine’s day is a bit different though. It is purely about passion and love represented with pinks, hearts and also some chocolates. This is not funny for some people. Many assume that this kind of decoration is too childish for a wedding that some of them may throw a smirking face for these. It is surely not a situation that you will expect in your wedding.

However, you can try our tips instead of insisting on passionate lovely-Dovey’s designs. Our first tip is to blend the sacred white wedding theme with the pinkish valentine’s theme. It is not too difficult anyway since you can opt to use more personalized color combos like peach-pink-white or more pink to white color layers.

Those color combos will not generate too much pink exposure that tends to look hot and aflame. The combos will be still inviolating as we can feel more compassion and love. Roses are still the best flowers for the decoration as they have much color variation that will suitable for these color combos. For more peach and softer pink colors, some daisies, carnations, and tulips can be added.

For gentle Valentine’s theme, you can enrich the wedding table decorations with a classic daisious plate and pinkish cards. You can then order the dessert and cocktail to blend with your theme color to make more little passion as Valentine as it can be. Then, the wedding cake should be very special. Most of the conventional cake makers will understand what they are going to make since Valentine’s theme is not new at all. Finally, Congratulations to the Valentiweds.

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