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January 25, 2019by Ello0

Arranging romantic decoration for Valentine’s day is really special as it can make the day more romantic and exceptional. It seems that all areas of the house need decor and more love touching, but the bedroom seems to be the one that needs the most.

How to make a Valentine surprise for your partner with lovely home decoration Part 20
Bedroom decoration for Valentine’s Day

Decorating the Bedroom

We can say that the bedroom might need more intensive decoration as this place will be the place where Valentine’s day is “most” celebrated. Decorating the bedroom should display the sign of love and compassion as much as it can. Flowers will usually do the decor, but still, there are others that can be used to give the bedroom some loving touch.

Making Valentine’s decorations in the bedroom is actually not that difficult. It is only about changing the colors theme, adding some flowers, making beautiful garlands, and adding some balloons. You can make some lettering using inflatables or papers.

How to make a Valentine surprise for your partner with lovely home decoration Part 14
Valentine surprise for your partner with lovely bedroom decoration

Living Room

The living room is the next area that will need necessary Valentine’s decor. Just like the bedroom, you can decorate this room using loving words and letters. The wall of the room is also the area that can get some love touching. If you don’t like all pinkish ornaments, you can combine them with other colors like grey and white to soften the display.

How to make a Valentine surprise for your partner with lovely home decoration Part 5
How to make a Valentine home decoration on a small budget

There are lots of objects that can be used as the subject for the decoration like the sofa and cushions. Simple sheet change with love colors will really enhance the look. You can increase the valentine vibes with flowers and garlands on the wall above the sofa. The combination of flowers, lovely sofa and cushions will really improve your romantic moment.

There are actually other rooms and areas of your house that will look nice with love decoration including the outdoor space. The porch and front door are the areas that will look beautiful with flower wreath decorations. Little accessories will also make the valentine decoration looks more beautiful even romantic. You can make them or just simply purchase them. Here is below some inspirations that we hope will give you more insight for your Valentine decor.

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