25 Small Standing Tub Designs for Tiny Spaces

Living in a small space should not hinder you to have a classy beautiful and comfortable tub in your bathroom. People often think that this was impossible since a limited space will leave a small area for more modification. However, there is still a solution to make your tiny bathroom still comfortable and gorgeous at the same time which is about considering a small nice bathtub.

Small standing tubs powerful to make up small bathroom looks Part 1

Small standing tub design which is powerful to make up small bathroom looks but still keeps its functions.

There are so many tub designs said as the best bathtub for a small space. Yet, we still believe that the best tub which offers a perfect compact design with ultra functionality is the small standing tubs. The most downsized tubs we often found are not really versatile for a small bathroom. Their fixed placement in the bathroom will reduce its flexibility and leaves you only small space for other decorations.

Moreover, the other reduced size bathtubs comes with smaller dimension that give you limited place to use. It is indeed saving your space but makes the bathing not as comfortable as the standard tub size.

Small standing tubs powerful to make up small bathroom looks Part 21

Small freestanding tub ideas for small bathroom

Unlike the other downsized tub designs, the standing tub still provides enough depth that will grant your pleasant bath. The curving style is also beneficial to suspend your body when submerged in the water since there is no area streamlined in the freestanding tub.

This small bathtub is even more functional since this type of bathtub is flexible for positioning. It can be placed everywhere in your bathroom and flexible to follow the floor base. This style is not streamlined by wall so they will always make a nice focal point in your space.

The most of small freestanding bathroom is designed in a premium style that you never have in the alcove or the drop-in tubs. Although it is more pricey, there are more values which worth the price, indeed.

We recommend this type of bathroom for any small space only if you need functions and good display to come together in your small space.


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  1. Where was the double slipper tub w/the black exterior w/o a base purchased from? Who is the manufacturer and model number?

    • Hi Karen,
      We hope that we can help you find the model of a tub that you like. Unfortunately, we don’t possess any endorsement of the product and we also don’t hold any record of it. This blog is only for sharing ideas in making homes look better with our point of view. We apologize for our lack for providing contents as we promise to improve and try better in the future. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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