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September 29, 2020by Ello0

Designated as a sustainable home, the Ilma Grove was mostly built from recycled materials and promoting local products to reduce carbon waste upon construction process. The lengthy design brief of the owner had made Austin Maynard Architect decide that the house should have some more eco-friendly enhancements to really create the house’s true character and also to fulfill the owner’s expectation.

Economical home with environment-friendly design

Not only for being eco-friendly, but the Ilma Grove was also designed to give a further level of coziness in a minimalist style. In its new extension, the open-space concept is truly applied to create such a homey room with an airy atmosphere at any time.

Drastic interior turnover of Ilma grove house designed in groovy colorful finishing which looks very refreshing and alive (3)

The selection of the materials had been still considering the minimum carbon waste as they promoted local products with less transportation expense like the bluestone flooring. Moreover, house sustainability still becomes a top priority that makes little use of furniture and luxurious addition.

The use of the wooden elements is also another focal point that creates the most part of this home. This is not only creating a warming and natural vibe but also to reduce the building cost.

In this concept, the collaboration of open-space style and natural materials has made an interior recreation that can adapt to different weather conditions without extra energy for air conditioning and interior heater.

The position advantage of this house has also contributed to the sustainability of this home to rely on the sun alone for calibrating the interior temperature.

Drastic interior turnover of Ilma grove house designed in groovy colorful finishing which looks very refreshing and alive (4)

New vibrant minimalism

In the new identity pinned with this home, the interior is designed to harvest natural energy which is mostly sun energy to make it sustainable. However, the combination of open-space and environment-friendly materials should never create an under-grade homestyle showcasing a barren and old feeling.  

Open space design with full sun illumination that strengthen interior color arrangments Ilma Grove (3)

A smart move of the designer to apply colors in some home’s parts should have our appreciation that it saves the house from being not-friendly. In the new home extension which is integrated into the pre-existing kitchen space, colors have become a prominent accent that enlivens the atmosphere.

The use of primary colors wheel applied in this home is showing off some authentic concept that tried to enliven the natural vibe with a more contemporary expression as it also creates a design that is very suitable with the base design.

The combination of the red-yellow-blue colors with the earthy tone has also given a rich new face to the concept of sustainable home decoration.

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